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 The Late Grand Master Seikichi Odo (Passed Away March 2002)

Okinawan Kenpo is a term that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It is often used as a generic term to describe all of the Okinawan Karate styles. During the early 1950's this term came into use to describe a particular style, the karate being taught by Master Shigeru Nakamura.

   Master Nakamura was born on Jan. 20, 1894. His karate training started whilst in attendance of Icchu Middle School in Shuri. It was here that both Kanryo Higashionna (1845-1915) and Chomo Hanashiro, (1830-1945) were the karate instructors. Yasutune Itosu (1830-1915)as well as Kentsu Yabu (1863-1937) also made visits to the school. Upon Graduation from middle school, Nakamura Sensei returned to Nago, city where he continued his training under Shinkichi Kunioshi. In 1953, Nakamura Sensei opened his own dojo in Nago city where he called his form of karate "Okinawa Kenpo", he became famous for his introduction of "bogu gear", protective equipment permitting full contact sparring.

  Seikichi Odo, whose name means "world walker" in Japanese, was born in Okinawa in 1923. Of samurai descent, he was small in stature and introverted as a youth, making him the target of much teasing and practical jokes by older boys. At age 9 Odo began his martial arts training in Judo, but found his this not to his particular tastes. At age 13 Odo met Koho Kuba of Kawasald, Okinawa. Kuba Sense! taught Odo the art of Okinawa-te. At the age of 20, Odo began to study Okinawan Kobudo. He was soon to fall in love with the weapons arts, and studied them tediously to ensure the preservation of the old ways. Over time, Odo's kobudo instructors included many of the leading practitioners of Okinawa, such as Mitsuo Kakazu, Kenko Nakaima, Shimpo Matayoshi and, Seike Toma. At 23 Odo began to study karate under Nakamura Sensei. Odo Studied both kobudo (with Mitsuo Kakazu) as well as karate and kobudo with Seike Toma, whom was a senior student of Chotoku Kyan (1880-1945). However, Odo Sensei still considers Master Nakamura as his primary instructor as well as mentor.

   It was during his studies with Master Nakamura that Nakamura Sensei asked Odo to incorporate the kobudo with Nakamura's own karate teachings. During the last few years of Nakamura's life, Odo began to undertake the teaching responsibilities of the dojo. Sensei Odo began to fully incorporate kobudo training with the Okinawa Kenpo Karate system in the mid 1970's. In July of 1983, Master Odo restructured the Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Kobudo Association, renaming it the Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Federation. In 1998 Master Odo restructured the Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Kobudo Association, renaming it the Ryukyu hon Kenpo Kobujutsu Federation.  Master Odo's RHKKF teaches a total of 51 kata; 21 open hand forms and 30 weapons kata. Grand Master Odo passed this life in March 2002 his memory will live long in the katas that he taught as well as the advice he freely gave to all. I will always remember these words from him as we trained, (Nice, Nice, Can Do, Can Do).


The Ryukyu hon Kenpo Kobujutsu Federation ion  was founded by Grand Master Seikichi Odo (10" degree Black Belt). Hanchi Odo is the top   disciple of the Former Shigeru Nakamura, the founder of the  modern day   Okinawa Kenpo. He also studied under Master Koho Kuba (Odo  Sensei's first   instructor). Mitsuo Kakazu,  Seike Toma, Kinjo Seiko, as well as under Shinpo Matayoshi  (weapon's master). Master Odo  added  weapons to the traditional Ryukyu hon Kenpo Kobujutsu Federation ion , and so formed  the R.H.K.K.F.


The O.K.D.R. was founded by Master Paul Ortino Jr., in January 1983. It was then, as a student  of Master Seikichi Odo, that Kyoshi Ortino combined the Traditional Kata and Kobudo of  Master Seikichi Odo with the Self-Defense and Fighting techniques of seven other forms of the Martial  Arts.



Jeffery’s Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobujutsu Dojo was established in 1999 at the Moody Youth Center on Moody Air Force Base.  Kyoshi Jeffery  was  a student  of Master Seikichi Odo,  and is currently a student  Hanchi Paul Ortino and is Kyoshi Ortino’s  most senior student. Sensei teaches Traditional Kata and Kobudo taught to him by Master Odo and Master Ortino. When Kyoshi Jeffery's moved to his new location on Northside Drive the Dojo Became Jeffery's Okinawan Kenpo Karate Academy and is still operating today with several students and class times.


What is Karate?

Karate is an ancient oriental art of self-defense in which only bare hands, arms and feet are used. In some ways, it is similar to that of Judo and wrestling. However, it emphasizes the kick, open and hand-strike and closed fist strike rather than the take-down, and the hold down.

It's origins date back to 525 AD, to an obscure Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma who traveled from India to the Shaolin Temple in China. It was there that this man, known to many as "spiritual father of Zen Buddhism" shared his knowledge of physical fitness and self-defense.

This form of physical and mental discipline practiced by the monks became known as Shaolin-szu (Chaun-Fa) or, as we know it today, "Kenpo" which when translated means "way of the fist".

But it was in Okinawa that Kenpo emerged as a specific form of Martial Arts. These Chinese methods called Tode (or Vang hand) blended with what was called Okinawa-Te and later became refined and was called Kara.-Te (empty hand).

In 1429, Okinawa became a unified kingdom under the dynamic leadership of a man named Hashi. To ensure his rule, Hashi demanded for all weapons to be seized. In order to protect themselves, the people then developed "Kobudo", an art form in which the Okinawans used their farm implements as well as empty hands for self protection.

About 200 years later, Okinawa came under control of the Japanese, who again imposed a ban on weapons.

In 1917, Okinawan master Gichin Funakoshi introduced Karate to Japan where it became formalized with the modem day belt system.



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