1. Kata is a characteristic part of the Martial Arts of Okinawa. And forms are based upon the actual experience of the old Karate Masters during battle. They are therefore, based on reality.

2. The practice of Kata must not be confined to the body, but must also exercise the intellect and the spirit.

3. Each Kata must start and end with Courtesy shown by a bow.

4. A Kata is not an accumulation of basic techniques, but a whole form which from beginning to end must be performed in a flowing, but active and energetic way as if it were a living entity, not just a series of movements.

5. No Kata must be altered to suit the performance of the performer.

6. The three important points of adjustments of power, hard and soft, the slowness or the speed of techniques, and the movement and stretching of the body must be made clear in exection.

7. The movements of Kata must be performed in sequence.

8. The movements of the Kata and the performers breathing must relate, and fast sequences of techniques must be executed in one breath.

9. The numbers of steps and hand movements in a Kata must be uniform, and the ideal time required for the performance of each Kata must be understood.

10. The direction in which the eyes look must correspond with the movements of the Kata, and the intention of the performer must be made clear from his or her movements.

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