White OBI

White; is the color of innocence. It indicates one whose mind and spirit are "blank" one who is naive about the aspects of Karate-Do or spiritual innocence. It also shows one of little knowledge of Karate techniques.


Yellow OBI

YELLOW; is the color of the sun, the color of light, the color of new found riches. It indicates one for whom a new light of a new day has begun. It is the color for one whose spirit, understanding and skill is dawning.



Orange OBI

ORANGE; is to the color of the sun, but the sun as it begins to set. It indicates one for whom the first flash of the day has begun to mellow, one whose skill and understanding has begun to grow toward new horizons. 



Blue OBI

PURPLE; is the color of the sky and the ocean. It shows one whose aspirations have begun to expand to the horizon, one whose spirit is beginning to have the depth of the sea, but yet resists his resolve to explore that depth.



Green OBI

GREEN; is the color of the growth, the color of grass and forests. It reflects one who has absorbed the light, one whose skill and spirit has started to blossom and bear fruit.



Brown OBI

BROWN; is the color of earth, the color of solidity. It expresses one whose technique has become competent, whose mind is fertile, and whose spirit is firm.



Black OBI


BLACK; is the fusion of all colors. It indicates one who has gained all of the traits of character and skill necessary to surpass the obstacles encountered in the first years of Karate-Doh. Black is not the color of victory, it is the color of night. It shows that the first " day " that began with the yellow obi is over, that a new day is coming. It shows not that the Karateka's journey has ended, but that it is only about to begin.

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